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  1. Duel Dice

    Duel Dice

    Time for another side project, this time it's a big one. Let's see what happens.

    The Idea

    Some time ago I was looking for a game I wanted to play, preferably mobile. I wanted to have something that felt a little like a boardgame or a tabletop. A …

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  2. Drag, but don't drop

    Drag, but don't drop

    If Google brought you here, the solution to your drag and drop problem regarding firefox and the drop or dragend event, scroll to the bottom.

    Sometimes you stumble upon those weird bugs you just can't believe. When you finally find it you just burst out a …

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  3. Pelican Blog

    Static sites are simple sites

    What this was supposed to be

    In the past I set up and maintained another blog. Back then I had heard about the ghost blogging engine and gave that a try. I liked the no nonsense claim. I remember that setting it up was quite …

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  4. This is my blog

    So this is my blog now. As many before me, I had planed to create a blog for quite some time. And my reasons are probably not very unique.

    Most of the time it is because there are some thoughts in my head that need to get out. During my …

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